Our Team


Robert Diaz, PT

Physical Therapist

Robert Diaz graduated with a degree in physical therapy from Upstate Medical Center at Syracuse, in 1991. He is a hands-on owner seeing patients on a daily basis. As the owner of Whitestone Physical Therapy of Queens since  September 2000, he has specialized in orthopedic, neurological and sports injuries. However, during his over 20 years of experience he has honed his skills in a variety of settings including acute hospital rehabilitation, home care and outpatient services. Committed to maintaining the most up to date information and skill level  he and his staff regularly participate in continuing education courses.
A former track and field and cross country runner and a veteran of road races including several marathons, Robert is aware of the body’s ability for recovery and improvement. His philosophy is there is potential for recovery in all patients. Robert promotes this ideal at his practice.
He enjoys bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing, water skiing and exercising with his wife and four children. He is an avid guitar player and sports fan. In addition he is fluent in Spanish and very proficient in Italian.
“The Human Body Has a Remarkable Ability To Recover”